Ethan Newborn

Ethan Newborn

Welcome Ethan

Wow Ethan has such an amazing story. Born 2 months before his actual due date, he weighed only 1.5 kg at birth. We did this session when Ethan was weighing more than 3kg’s and funny enough just after his expected due date. I was amazed at how healthy and strong he was even after being a prematurely born baby. His parents, Didi & Shaun has gone through so much with the early birth but they are handling it like super stars! Little Ethan, I know that your parents will always treasure these adorable photos of you and it truly shows what a treasure you are to their lives.

I love newborn photography so much because it is about capturing beauty and celebrating life. This is taking a moment and turning it into a memory.

Three things remain with us from paradise: stars, flowers and children.

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